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By cfizzle100 - 2014-02-11 06:47:16 in Ogrines
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When i had kamas to buy ogrines for my subscription it says i have 0 Kamas =/

-________- Plz help
By cfizzle100 - 2012-06-28 00:12:35 in Foggernaut
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I play dofus in the french server of Helsephine and i want to buy the Dofus Mag 1 so i can get foggernaut but it wont let me buy it and it says :_ this item is not available for your communit ... i live in Canada and i wanna have the foggernaut class and i want to know if that means people in canada cant have the Foggernaut class ... I think that you guys should atleast sell the foggernaut class without a mag for a bit less than 2000 ogrines
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Can somone please give the link so ankama can send you your security code answer to your email or something because i cant delete characters . Please help me