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By Witamin - 2015-02-05 15:56:11 in Subscription and payment
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Nerodos|2015-02-05 16:05:49You are going to need to be more specific, I'm afraid.

The link you provide to the subscription page is indeed blatantly wrong, but I don't understand where you found it. Here's the right page.

It says you should contact Customer Support. Did you try that?

And, lastly, you say you're choosing the option to spend your money... could you be more precise? For instance, I can pay with Ogrines, Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer... 'Money' isn't in the list of options. What,...
By Freefish - 2014-04-02 14:40:02 in Sadida
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I'm a cha/int sadi and I usually choose items with cha and int over power because yeah, sometimes healing comes in handy, even with soothing bramble.
My advice is always compare the items case by case.
As for ougaa, it is a good choice, good hp, res and power, you won't heal a thing tho.

Another option is a custom set.
Around lvl 180 I was using a custom set built arround Tot for 11AP/5MP/5range, ~600 int/cha, 167 power:
Tot amy, headgear, boots and clock
Ring of the prophets
Summon gelano
By Stout - 2014-01-07 12:38:59 in Eniripsa
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You can use Royal Mastogob Set (full set at level 130) with:

Weapon: limbo wand or shaman pingwin staff
Cloak: the best int/cha cloak at that level is punkicape, which may be difficult to find, instead you can use Mastralis, no int but it gives good chance, wis, resistances and 2 Range.
Rings: gelano and wreck ring

Add a turkey, trophys and dofus that covers whatever stats you miss the most.
Sugestions for throphys: major healor, scholar, player, escapist and cawwot dofus.
Turkey: anything with...