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Entropi Huppermage Lvl 230 Rubilax
Diamond Ava Sacrier Lvl 218 Rubilax
Villy The Titan Feca Lvl 212 Rubilax
Tackion Eliotrope Lvl 205 Rubilax
Viridium Ecaflip Lvl 204 Rubilax
Avyila Foggernaut Lvl 203 Rubilax
Borbon Eniripsa Lvl 200 Rubilax
Pylva Sadida Lvl 189 Rubilax
Natarjanasa Masqueraider Lvl 150 Rubilax
Feedback Xelor Lvl 126 Rubilax
Ballistia Rogue Lvl 121 Rubilax
Cannidae Ouginak Lvl 117 Rubilax
Tantoo Sram Lvl 66 Rubilax
Poomona Pandawa Lvl 45 Rubilax
Cashien Enutrof Lvl 45 Rubilax

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especially the healing tear, what do u guys think ?    
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what do u guys think about the fact that we never get to actually do things that actively change the world. 

like i wish fighting the sram god was an actual option in the end of the pandora questline, or we could beat up  the eca demigod without the help of the crow man, or beat up kali 1 on 1  or actually fight the real count harebourg early on instead a ''copy'' . not killing ogrest or rushu ( gameplay choice) 

our character feeling powerful is very important in most rpgs but i don't why...
By cawleerr - 2022-07-03 21:08:01 in Trade
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WTS julith costume