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Yigal Eniripsa Lvl 101 Remington
Luerifa Cra Lvl 38 Remington
Parasaurolophus Feca Lvl 6 Remington
Only Wearing Socks Sram Lvl 6 Remington

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By Static- - 2019-07-20 10:52:28 in Eniripsa
2 1573
Max HP(so you can Coney heal your frontlines better with a Pure DAMAGE with Negative Healing done build, as Coney healing isn't affected by minus HealDone from taking DMG passives), put like 1~2 points in Barrier
Max Distance, then AoE or General mastery
Max Initiative. Then rest to dodge
Max Crit Chance, then Crit Mastery
AP, MP, Range 

This is what I did and I hardly think there's a better alternative until way up later than going Dist/AoE pure damage with 20 pts in Initiative. I'm currently...
1 168
I do something simmiliar very at lv100.  Infected Flask has a single-target dmg-ratio for 5AP yet is a 3x3 AoE spell which is great to hit a lot of dudes in dungeons. though at my level I mix in fire as well with Massacuring mark, I think the value from finishers with it is too great of a boon to miss out on. 

Myabe when I'm higher level triple-ele/AoE+dist gear is harder to come by ill switch to duo-ele. but I think I won't. Fire spells with massacuring are too awesome of a part in my build....
By [Ankama]WAKFU - 2020-06-01 17:30:00 in Devblogs
211 4218
I personally don't get any of the levelcrap increase complaints at all myself. I only see it as a plus. Extra progression, getting even stronger for all the existing content in the game to flex better on content u already di and feel stronger, new items, new build setups, more things to do that aren't MENDATORY at all for any lv200 player. 

I feel like people just think inside their own bubble. nobody's even remotely taking ur lv200 achievment and gear away from you..