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By casey10 - 2017-05-29 11:45:01 in Ogrines
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So when I bought ogrines I got the error " We've detected multiple anomalies with your payment attempt and have decided to temporarily block the transaction."

The transaction completed itself after maybe 1 hour but I was given no explanation as to why it was blocked.

I tried it on 2 different accounts in different browsers using the same credit card however and got the same error both times.

This makes me think it is my fault but I have never ever had payment issues with this card before. All...
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So after playing dofus touch for a little while, getting 8 level 200s, gearing them up, being one of the top 5 teams on server etc it became really clear that the development team on touch are completely clueless. Decided to run sakai for the first time in 8months or so because I took a break, and I discovered it had the exact same game-breaking bug that it had 8months ago which forces you to relog all your characters. Multiple other people I talked to had the same bug, and it was reported to a mod...