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Combo Iop Lvl 22 Remington
Fawker Cra Lvl 15 Remington
The Medicus Eniripsa Lvl 13 Remington
Idle Feca Lvl 9 Remington

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 I earned it via a quest but I don't know how to summon him. I go to my character page and see heroes and sidekicks and when I go over him to click it says "No Error".
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 What are some great 2-3 class teams that can wipe out any dungeon in the game together? 

 I am considering buying heroes as well as booster packs and I would like to get my 3 heroes and sidekicks all into dungeons and keep leveling by finishing off dungeons over and over again.

 What are the 2-3 classes that works perfectly together for dungeons and PvM plays?
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 Say I will buy 2 more slots for my characters. I will be playing with 3 characters at the same time. In that case, which three classes would be perfect together for running dungeons?