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I first noticed this several months ago, I think it has been around since the sever merge took place. I manage a guild with a large number of players so it's taken a while for me to realize there is a problem. Guild members normally have a little tooltip that pops up, telling you how long it has been since they logged in when moused over. Some members' tooltips, however, erroneously display their last login as having been less than a day ago.

Most of the characters with this issue have not logged...
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In the second room of the dungeon the [!]Bozoteur monster (1) (which started in the isolated area where my Panda is) moved on to the black tile and swapped with my Osa. The panda couldn't pick the osa up or interact with it, but on its turn my Osa could walk off the black area normally.
By capslok - 2017-04-04 18:13:09 in Problems and solutions
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There does not seem to be an exp bar for craftmaging exp, or I need to get my eyes checked.