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Ecaflip Lvl 191 Grandapan
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Team America
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Hello , after coming back from sadly quite a long break I was disheartened at the lack of major updates. (I know there have been some new lairs and bug fixes but in all honesty nothing grand enough to bring older players back out of curiosity). 
So I decided to make a list of certain changes/updates that would help diversify from pc dofus  and improve the game.
~ Update to classes. Not saying full revamp for all of them but many are quite out of date (osa, eni, sac) and have inbalance is in builds...
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Title says it all any slots all free message Bef or Beffy, can also provide small amounts of woods for crafts free also  
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Project is a guild dedicated to community and growth in the World of Twelve on Dofus Touch.
With leaders made up of old school Dofus players, Project hopes to take advantage of the new servers and medium in which to play Dofus. Whether you desire to beat all the dungeons, snag all the achievements, max out all of your professions, roll around in a massive amount of kamas, or simply grind low level mobs for riches until your head spins, we’ve got a spot for you.
Project is all about helping...