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When you hit level 100 you can't afford equipment.
Every item is up for around 5 million each part.
When i used to play they was 500k to 900k
depending on stats.
Also not much choice in markets and no maged weapons for
anybody not wanting to be strength based.
Its looking kind of pointless playing.
By canchoose - 2016-02-15 14:47:28 in Problems and solutions
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just intalled xp as vista was giving me problems ,
installed dofus and after i choose to deactivate restricted mode,
i get to were it says send email then i get the message....
service currently unavailable,been like that since 05:00
this morning now its 13:46
By canchoose - 2015-07-29 16:11:47 in Eniripsa
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Does anybody have a clue as to the changes that are going to happen
to the eni osa classes.
Just im thinking of using mine and if the changes are anything
like the xelor changes i dont want to waste money on equipping it.
I have a good idea the ap boost will last 2 turns with cooldown.
Bunny healing will be higher.Molotov will go.
But if there is a way of finding out whether chance eni's will
be no more that would save millions of kama given a heads up.
Probably nobody knows yet but maybe theres...