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Jiutu Pandawa Lvl 172 Elbor
Metallicus Enutrof Lvl 162 Elbor
Yare D'Vil Masqueraider Lvl 146 Elbor
Andrew Martin Foggernaut Lvl 144 Elbor
Rikashu Ouginak Lvl 133 Elbor

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Greetings hardcore wakfu players. As we all know the devs have iniciated a new round of revamps for the game's classes, and i decided to start this thread to discuss beforehand our expectations  regarding these revamps.

That's why i came here with the question "what's the goal of the revamps?" The purpose of this discussion is to answer to that question with your opinion on what improvements do the classes need, what should the devs aim for to make a succesful revamp; what classes fulfill their...
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Hello wakfu players. I noticed a new (?) sidekick in the heroes interface; his name (in the hispanic server) is Hipoliro, i'm intrigued about him like where did he come from? and what do you have to do to get him in your party? the purchase button is not available for him, i guess that's because he's new or maybe because he is obtainable through missions ingame (like astrub's mercenary, pandora or chad).

Do you guys know anything about him ?? I'm excited, i've been waiting for a riktus sidekick...
By camapheus - 2017-04-09 19:19:09 in Fan Art
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Hello! This is my fanart of an enutrof .

It's the first time i post a digital illustration here, i'm still learning and i need to practice a lot . However i feel good with the result of this fanart, i hope you like it too and i'd love to know your opinion (critics and all XD).

As the title of the topic says, the image has the size of a wallpaper, so feel free to use it as such (and let me know if you do, that would would be thrilling ). I'd like to go on with the idea and draw at least one wallpaper...