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By caergon - 2012-11-12 02:25:20 in General Discussion
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About this silly thread but i felt stupid after battle with Ecaflip 24 levels my junior.

(Recruitment) Bluff: 40-60 braks come [-1,0]

I thought to myself I have a level 74 Ecaflip... here is some easy meet.
I responded to the request an pretty soon Acezap received his beating.

Here is a transcript of the battle.

Bluff casts Clover.
Bluff: 5 Critical Hits (6 turns)
Bluff casts Wheel of Fortune. Critical Hit!
Bluff: 200% Power (3 turns)
Bluff casts Roulette. Critical Hit!
Acezap: -25 Dodge...
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How do the markets work?

Do items offered for sale in Bonta markets also display in Brakma markets?

I am playing DOFUS 2 on the ROSAL server and ROSAL DISPROPORTIONATELY FAVOURS Bonta.

Is that how markets work?? Is there a free trade agreement or not?
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Obtainable Goals in Dofus 2 ----

~Playability / Man Hours to Find a Friend~ ---

((1)) Find a team to do the [Pet Sanctuary Dungeon]?

Achievable? [yes/no]??

Estimated 9/10 attempts fail at login. Estimated time to find a team & do this dungeon ~ 12 hours advertising in (R>ecruit mod..e

*Most difficult dungeon to access : "Pet Sanctuary".


((2)) Make the Most Powerful level 1 Character in all of Dofus?

Achievable? [yes/no]???

(A) Baked Vitality