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Flipox Rogue Lvl 145 Aerafal
Lhoky-Koul Enutrof Lvl 29 Aerafal
Degobert Cra Lvl 4 Aerafal
Ninislus Rogue Lvl 3 Aerafal

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Good job ! Still waiting for you to release this !
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mellowdrama|2015-01-21 01:09:23My solution is the BEST just so you know before we get started.

Flaming stacks proc under 2 conditions.

At beginning of caster's turn when scalded opponents are in melee. OR when a scaled opponent comes into contact with the caster.

This now gives the mechanic a uniform tactical purpose: Make opponent want to be at range. By adding the contact proc you make the damage more reliable and really force the opponent into an altered playstyle. I love your idea. Maybe half...
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If we had have 12 to 24h since first restat of real time IG to do a second restat, or unlimited restat for 6 hours IG, it should solve everything.