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After investing millions and millions of kama into hw now you just gonna make it completely irrelevant?? why are you guys keep deleting player investments without even a simple poll ? It is the same enchantment thing all over again says you haven't learned anything from it.I don't get it..look at any popular mmo you think that's how they got there?Yea every guild is going to get hw for free but why did you think they were needed in the first place?Because of the ease of profession leveling even with...
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I will start with enchantment system,its too random max gearing shouldn’t be something only players that dedicate their life to the game should be able to achieve.
Here is how in my opinion you can fix the current enchantment mess: reduce some bonus values from the current runes, relic and epic runes including and get rid of the currrent rng. Implement something like the previous smithmagic hammer to change the rune colors and shape and the these hammers should be easily obtainable from any...
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use a vpn service , otherwise you both only have the option to play together in remington