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By brodzlaw - 2021-01-10 08:08:55 in General Discussion
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The Tatouh pet that gives 100 pushback damage and 100 critical resistance is overkill and far too strong to be in the game, I'll explain why. 

The mechanic of pushback being a unique form of applying damage to opponents is very strong because it can ignore elemental resistance stacking of opponents and relatively very few items in the game give pushback resistance. In PvP it is very easy to make the mistake of wearing a pushback resistance set, sacrificing a lot of stats only to find out the person...
By brodzlaw - 2019-08-20 13:30:43 in Suggestion Box
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Would be a great feature to be able to nominate an MVP for the kolossium solo 3v3 fight after the end of the fight. This would give rewards in extra rank points/rewards with an indication in the opening stage to show how valuable a team member is.

It just provides a reward for carrying a team or playing out of this world, something which deserves some recognition. 

A suggestion I think devs should seriously consider to spice kolossium up and raise the reward for playing. 

This doesn't work for...