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Looking to join an english guild on Monocompte IX. I am a pretty active player
IGN is Dub
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Haven't played dofus 2 in a while and decided to get back into it on one of the mono servers (since I'm not really a fan of running alts and I hope a mono account server would promote the community working together more often) so I chose Jahash since it was the most recent, was wondering if there was any active english guilds around?

I've only been playing for a little bit so I'm just focusing on professions/achievements atm that I can (it's insane how strong the mobs are for new players, who woulda...
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I don't know if this is also on Eratz or if Kidos have really weird range on their attack but currently they do not attack at all, they just run up next to you and pass.
I made sure not to take away range or ap or anything like that just to be sure and so far after killing atleast 5 of them none of them have made any effort to attack me.
I doubt this will be fixed because I'm not sure how much of 1.29 actually gets looked into but I felt it would be best to atleast make mention of it anyway.