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I want to start adventure on mono-acc server but for that i need to put my mobile phone into my account. The problem is that my phone isnt accepted from ankama because of my region ? Can i fix this somehow or not ?
By brakeit - 2016-05-04 00:13:51 in General Discussion
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Hi! I am str/int iop and level 199. So what are best spots to farm xp? And are there some places where i can grind a bit solo ^^? Ty have fun :-)
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My game is bugging .. in fights i cant see karmeleons or dragonturkeys :/ i go kolo all chars are with out karms or dt's i can only see pets i said okay myb this is trange kolo but then in everysingle fight i dont see them .. how can i fix this ? do i must re-install the game ? ( my internet is bad so i would like to avoid that option ) ty