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I've tried this game a few times and it's very unique, I'll give you that. In its combat system, its art style and general game design it's pretty unique for a game and even a MMO. But after a while of playing the flaws way outweigh the good parts of the game, for example the disgusting amount of grinding/slow levelling, the low player population and the amount of sheer repetitiveness. Also, the fact that it still uses pay-to-play instead of being free-to-play really restricts the amount of traffic....
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Now I'm only level 17 but I can already see a pretty big flaw in this character. To summon a doll you have to give up a load of resources and basically take out a turn straight away getting the doll seed up, let alone the doll itself. It's like the earth panda's barrel but they don't have to take another turn to set it up. So it looked like, from my level 17 sad perspective, to do it without dolls. I was pleasantly surprised to see the lone sadida passive which goes up to level 150!!! BUT there are...