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By boobymikes - 2014-02-17 21:59:18 in Rogue
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Not one for wordy paragraphs...
Started kolo with my lvl 131 and starting to realize I dont know where to even start strategy wise. Any experienced rogues mind giving me a good gameplan to go by like where i should be setting up bombs, what things to look out for, where i should be positioning myself on the map and why.
By boobymikes - 2014-01-14 22:29:07 in Rogue
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So I've taken an interest in rogues and their map manipulation abilities, and have started working on one. At this point I need some advice because I have a couple questions

Could someone help me out a bit with an in depth explanation of how the damage for bomb walls works? Guide mentioning how wall damage relates to base damage, how buffs can help out and how much each turn increases the damage done by the bombs or wall, basically looking for numbers here.

Agi or Int? Primarily interested in kolo...
By boobymikes - 2013-11-29 23:59:35 in Cra
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So was thinking about going back to chance and was hoping i could get some advice for sets. In terms of goals i want to have 11 ap 4-5 mp 800+ cha while wearing a targ belt
if those are unreasonable feel free to say so