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Good morning,

So, still doing Skeunk runs a bit, with guildies and/ or friends.
I think once, in the Repalak room, once there was a Cawwot chall, but not sure 100%; what is sure, is that I have planted some Cawwots.
When the Repalak reached a Cawwot, it made it Mashed Cawwot Pure, poooffffzduuf! and it replaced it with a ghost!?!?! How come?!?! Cawwots aren't even counted as summons, to my knowledge; as in, one char doesn't need +summons to summon 1/ more Cawwot/s; also, the juicy savowy Cawwots...
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welp! can soemone recuperate the previous -1 or -2 form of this?
I've tried to format it better, and to delete some [..] that seemed "randomly" scattered around ... and I've lost the post ! cri! I edited it, in a weeevy bad way! Alll is gone!
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I am on 300 cc in boss Skeunk runs with guild tonight.

A guildie, feca lev 88 was one of the guidlies who came:
Lagnouze87#4940 (Stequacher) is not logged on to the Tal Kasha server. Guild Utopia-[Ech], alliance [Aegis]
19 Martalo 653 - 22:13

Even if the player had all 4 kinds of boomerngs needed, 10 e.a., for Perfidious Boomerang Spell, upon talking with  dolls npc's after the end of dungeon, and before talking to Skeunk npc:- all 4 x 10 = 40 boomerangs were taken away from the player's...