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Good evening,

As the title says:
.HUGE Lag Spike a bit before midnight DUT! I was helping a guildie with Cania Bandits from Cania Map; both had to relog a few times, cuz game was unplayeble, nothing worked: ap/ mp points/ spells/ etc; lucky that I have brought more chars with enough HP to "resist" the 1-2 mins needed for relog + rejoining the fight, each time; not funny, especially for my guildie....Then, as usual, whenever there is an event, in the rooms of its dungeons is usually a lot, but I...
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C'mon, Chere Ankama, you can even make a new Dofus in Lord Crow, Le Dofus Le Cruel!
For real!
Since it is surreal!
And very unrreal!

I've been like 4 to 5 hours we've been in it!
No drops, no xp, not even meats from it!
For now, I am just wasssssssting my swwwweeeeet irreversible time in it ...!
Is it a shame... Aint it?!

It is getting late, my guildie was getting asleep,
And I felt the urge to Dofus rage quit!
Capsalook keept changinng its creepy nest in a bit!
And ... we couoldn't find it ......
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Good morning/ evening, as your time may be,

As the title says:- /c chat is missing again on Tal Kasha; why tho? and will it be fixed? when? - merch mode is disabled on Tal Kasha? again: why, will it be fixed, and when?.
Tyvm in advance for a reply and solution to these issues,

And, of course, Happy New Year, with tons of returns, to all of you! 
.PS 1:
Oups, I found there is an announcement, that merch mode is being removed.
But ... but ... but ... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ???!!! 
. PS...