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Good afternoon.

How can one purchase the new fancy cuttie pie Panda pack, if ogrine market aint working properly, neither on website, nor ig ???!!!

Like, if a problem is...
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Good afternoon.

I was wondering what is average time to obtain from support:- a reply (where they fix your issues, or  they ask for more data); - a solution to your problems?
I am asking, cuz my latest ticket:- was created 22 days ago; - latest news I got were 21 days ago.
Shall I still have some hope?
Or just hold put till September or so, in case they're summer holidays at the company atm?
Just wondering ...
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Good morning!

I just wanted to thank Ankama for helping me save minimum 50 eur + shipping price!!!

I wanted to take advantage of the summer sale, like all true addicted dofussian player dreams to do.
But I do have, or at least, I used to have a "premium" account for Ankama shop for irl stuff, with some % off "for lifetime". And ... guess what ?! I am still alive ... So, in  theory, I should still qualify to have that "premium" account.
I have written to Support a couple of weeks ago.