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Osamodas Lvl Omega 47 Echo

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Good afternoon all.

Probably many of you know already about what happened to the Cathedral Notre Dame from Paris:The Cathedral caught fire yesterday. But by now flames seem to be extinguished by the brave French fire fighters. It is said that most of the valuable objects from inside have been taken out and are safe. There is quite some damage, but I assume, no, I hope that all or almost all can be fixed and repaired. I've just seen on news that 2 of most wealthy families have announced they will...
By bohemia - 2019-04-08 00:05:25 in General Discussion
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I was wondering, and I was curious, and still am ... 
... Who is behind [Ankama]DOFUS-admin?

Does anyone know?
Or at least does anyone have any clue at all?

And could we be told who s/he or they is/are, the person/s who have access to that account and can post/ reply/ etc using it?
If disclosing that piece of info won't start ww3 ?

I even went to his/her/their (???!!!) profile, but there is no info there.
The thing is this: as long as players do not have an "anonymous" or "guest" account to post...
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Good morning.

As the title says, I got a few questions about the current Ankama promos:

1. About the friendship offer that requires purchase/s of 12 k Ogrine, to unlock Prez' Doh'bivalent:
a) Does the purchase of 12 k Ogri, or more, has to be in one single transaction, or can they be more transactions of various amounts of Ogri and they will be added up?
b) The gift/s can be given to more friends throughout various purchases, or the gifts have to be sent to the same one single friend?
c) Do the...