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Good afternoon.

Vewy Vewwyy Vewwwyyy Belated HAPPY EASTER !!! @ all who celebrated it !!!

Sorry for late posting, it kindof seemed to me I was spending more time with Dofus than with family and study, so I decided to take a lil break. Especially considering the new "normal state of things" that I am sure you are all aware of. I've spent more time with family, even cooked some sweets (butter biscuits, choco muffins, etc), watched tv (mostly news, sometime some lil movies) with family, often sewing...
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As the title says:

A ) Is it safe to assume that tomorrow there will be a maint for Dofus 2.xx servers, that will bring new sub packs, since it will be last day of the first month of spring ? To know how / for when to plan my next 1 year sub packs purchase?

B ) Any clue on:
- when Fleaster Island will open,
- for how long,
- and for which kind/s of servers?

Thanks in advance for your reply. 
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Good evening again.

As the title says:

Will there be any Ankama promo packs/ offers/ sales/ new (preferably..) ceremonial items, which will have some % of sale donated to countries in need?

Maybe your creative guys could come up with some cute adorable ceremonial items, or w.e., wich will have some of the income you get donated to countries in need right now, to prevent COVID19 / do tests for it/ get meds/ get med equips ?
I know that Ankama did this sometime in the past, for some sad events in...