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Were there any updates that made pure solo gameplay viable. And i mean humanly balanced droprates and soloable dungeons.
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Apart from the main QL that focuses on the dofus eggs, are there some must do great reward quests that help a new character?

I've checked the wiki for the incarnam/asturb area quests and all seem to give a really shallow rewards for the time needed to complete them.
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I've played lots of dofus in the past but always as a solo account player and now i'm planing to make a comeback but i need to ask, is it possible to do all the content* in the game with two accounts and two sidekicks?

*by content i mean all dungeons and being able to craft my own end game gear.

PS. Is there a way to increase the size of the spellbar? I can do it for all the others but for some reason i can't modify that ones size.