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Thecoldest Pandawa Lvl 142 Rubilax
Princen Rogue Lvl 108 Rubilax
The Hottest Sacrier Lvl 68 Rubilax
The Stasiest Foggernaut Lvl 42 Rubilax

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I tried to spend some shards on enchantments on my gear to see how it goes, but i was suprised when i saw that i cant spend more than 7 shards per enchantments slot. Than i saw, when i put cursor on the +(for adding shard) it says required level 66(my item is lvl 64) So, does that mean that level of item decides how many shards you can spend/how big of a upgrade can you have for your item?
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I am new rogue and i have some questions about skill points and i would like to hear your suggestions and tips ( read whole post first).
​​​​1. Have i made a mistake if i put some of my skill points into distance mastery( i did this because i thought bombs count as distance if i stay 3 or more blocks from my target)?
2.Is it smart to put points into AoE if i plan on hitting more than one target at a time?
3.Is it good desicion that i pump up my elemental resistance because i think i should...
By bluprince - 2020-04-09 21:54:24 in Technical Issues
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After logging in wakfu for the first time, my friend was stuck on Connecting.So  me get this clear: He didnt choose class nor a server where to play, he is just stucked on connecting right after logging in. Ankama please fix this. And i would like to hear if someone has similar problems.