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Haku Sakurana Huppermage Lvl 110 Rubilax
Blair Spiritome Osamodas Lvl 13 Rubilax
Mist Shadowwisp Sram Lvl 12 Rubilax
Heallia Eniripsa Lvl 10 Rubilax
NOX-Inovus Xelor Lvl 7 Rubilax
Brix Burnerblood Sacrier Lvl 7 Rubilax
Rhiss Rhess Sacrier Lvl 6 Rubilax
Snowdrop Winters Osamodas Lvl 6 Rubilax

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By blookyboo - 2019-06-24 10:26:30 in Fan Class
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the name is up for debate….but its inspired by the Kajiit race in the elder scrolls series. anyway lets get down to this 

These disciples of Sacrier and Pandawa never let the party die....until they run out of Star sugar (name is up for debate again XD) their movement is more sluggish then but they hit harder  while they are Hopped up (or sugar rushed I should say)they move faster and have more energy to dish out attacks. their elements being fire earth and air while their roles would be front...
By blookyboo - 2019-04-08 09:03:29 in Role Play
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This may not be a Wakfu rp but the Legend of Crystala is an original idea that I have done to have fun anyway here is the link 
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Part 2 teaser
Haku woke her sleep. As usual she had no dreams, but she felt something off like when you open a window and feel like the whole town is watching you. Ironically Haku went and opened the window. The view from the shack on Brutas inn was mesmerising. She took a deep breathe before shutting the window but then she smelled something. Something she hadn't smelled since she fell. Stasis.

Part 3 teaser
Haku was strapped to a table just like Sage and Brix. She hated that she brought them into...