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Capkek Iop Lvl 125 Remington
Nena Gold Foggernaut Lvl 125 Remington
Dankek Masqueraider Lvl 123 Remington
Reta Gold Ouginak Lvl 114 Remington
Jeema Pandawa Lvl 104 Remington
Tamena Sram Lvl 100 Remington
Mojogold Enutrof Lvl 75 Nox
Bluegold Pandawa Lvl 46 Nox
Mojoeca Ecaflip Lvl 42 Nox
Tamena Osamodas Lvl 26 Nox
Coldsoul Iop Lvl 26 Nox
Roreta Sadida Lvl 6 Phaeris

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more than 7h now cant login same thing happen to u guys and not a word from ankama  like yea we know we gona fixed soon or wherever 
53 55852
good day I need ur help her all ur screenshot not working cant see build state tryd 3pc and my phone nothing work I need to see the spell deck and state and thanx for the first guide in this forum 
49 27517
hi ur state screenshot is not working do i go AP / control first or AP / MP