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By blazefang - 2019-08-25 16:05:46 in General Discussion
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So, I have a couple of ideas that I want to throw out to everybody and hear some feedback, other ideas and especially criticisms and maybe how they could be changed or improved to better suit the game!

The first idea would be about neutral damage. I don't know about other people, but I feel it is the worst element in the game because only about 7 (Correct me if I'm wrong) classes actually have spells which deal neutral damage, and if you are strength and get a weapon which deals strength instead...
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Hello fellow Dofus Hunters! Have you been feeling... Uneasy? Nervous? Like maybe, just past the light of your campfire, a pair of unseen eyes have been watching you? You're not going crazy. The world of twelve has been enviously watched by hungry eyes, lurking deep in the swaps and the forgotten shadows. After years in the darkness, though, they are finally ready to show themselves! We proudly present: The Salamancer! An entirely new class concept that we are finally ready to share with you! Now,...