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Feca Lvl Omega 37 Echo
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By bladesxhelper - 2016-05-22 14:35:54 in General Class Discussion
4 1302
So i currently have a 200 Feca and 199 Masq. I wish to change the Masq to a Eni, then add 2 more classes for a self sufficient 4 man team capable of doing most, if not all game content.

Leaning towards two of the following, Hupper, Enu, Iop or Panda.

Thanks in advance
By bladesxhelper - 2016-05-21 00:57:34 in Feca
0 829
Hey guys I'm looking at what gear to go into after Royal Gob on a pure Int feca. I was unsure whether to wait for Feudala, or go into Royal Cherry blop + fillers.

By bladesxhelper - 2014-12-12 18:29:17 in Foggernaut
3 2921
Hey guys, I've recently changed to a Fogger and I'm loving them. I've read and seen some screenshots that show how good of a solo class they can be. As I am still learning the class I find solo play and duo with my 19x Panda is a good way to learn without being annoying to others or going against really hard dungeons. I can learn at a steady pace.

My question is what type combos and general tactics are used when solo'ing? I've always played a Sadi/Cra combo so basically MP rickrolldangerisauring...