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Hi there, I’m stuck on n this quest and not sure how to get back to talk to aspiyah, I first teled to her using that potion you get and I talked to her but I didn’t Grab the milk from behind her so if anyone knows how to I can go back and retrieve it would be much appreciated thanks
By blackrain2 - 2016-05-09 02:09:29 in Rushu
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Hello people of Rushu,
i have recently made a char in Rushu and was wondering if anyone wants to have a chat sometime, do some xp etc. ign; alimni
thank you  
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Hi, I'm currently a cha Sadi and going to be Int/Cha with 70+ mp reduction at 200. Someone told me that a Sadi in a team for f3 dungs isn't so good but I was wondering if this is really true because I Thought sadis were pretty good in pvm.
Thanks in advanced!