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Sacrier Lvl 191 Echo
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By blackdogz - 2014-05-10 04:58:54 in Ogrines
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So i noticed when i try to buy orgines i keep getting a message saying empty or invalid field. This generally only happens when i try to offer below the average price. i remember there being a limit of how much you could undercut the average price, but it was never this low. Was curious if this was intentional or just a bugg?
By blackdogz - 2013-06-25 20:14:59 in Professions
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So when i log on to check some mounts i noticed i can see other peoples Dragoturkeys (before this update i could not see them) is it possible for my dragoturkeys to randomly breed with someone elses while im away from the paddoc? if anyone has any incite this would be great.

With regards
Brokenshield Leader of bloodlust
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This post is pretty straight forward and id like to hear other breeders feelings. My idea is that Ankama simply moves plums and emeralds (the solid colors not the strip) to greater intels and greater strengths respectively when exchanging them at the mounded guard. This forces breeders to make the respective stripes to get the powerful scrolls. Currently there is a massive influx of powerful intels and strengths due to the fact that one can get the scrolls without the need to them stripped (which...