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Cra Lvl Omega 50 Echo
Feca Lvl 138 Ilyzaelle
Proxima Centauri
Eliotrope Lvl 39 Ilyzaelle

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By blac-alt - 2017-04-28 20:39:58 in General Discussion
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Does anyone else think its annoying how many people leech for free these days its hurting the game a lot imo from what ive seen every new player comes in and gets to frig with a half ass wisdom set then when they hit a lv and want to actually play they just get bored and quit maybe im just being old school and remembering all the money i made from bonta rats and mastos when frig first came out personally i think if you cant afford to pay to get leeched you most likely cant afford to be the lv you're...
By blac-alt - 2017-04-15 04:52:01 in Rushu
1 431
like the title says just coming back to the game with my small team main is a 200 omni cra looking for a decent guild i could join would prefer a guild that actually does things from time to time message me in game Lol-earth
By blac-alt - 2016-06-09 06:30:27 in Problems and solutions
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Just wondering if anyone else is having problems logging in today i usually run 7 accounts just fine but today every time i try to log more than 1 i get connection to the server has failed is this a problem on my side or did something change that im maybe unaware of?