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So I woke to find myself as a 200 fisherman, very proud!
I also discovered the new and wild world of everyone get all the professions or make serious connections with other craftsppl to make standard stuff like fish.

convincing someone to go to moon island with their 200 hunter and collect spoiled ground meat! what a prospect.

I kind of determined that without hunter or baker, I'm screwed, I can't make anything. And they are screwed without me too. Mutually assured sales! I like the strange economic...
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When I started some alts on a new server, I began dropping piwi equipment. I got some amount of pieces, but not all I needed for each element of the two alts.

What are the "conditions" for the "conditional drops" aka the piwi equipment?
Is it level?
Whether or not you possess some of the equipment? If so does your inventory count or is it what is equipped only?

Going to experiment now to find out, but would be helpful to know what the conditions are.

- Abu