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We need an intervention by Ankama with regards to the problem in Brutas, the problem is rippling onto the other international servers and soon this will be an issue there too.

Here is the following prices by non-french server, as of today(10/08/17):

BRUTAS - Unavailable
GRANPAN - 537,688 Kamas
DODGE - 451,377 Kamas

It's hardly fair that those servers are able to purchase items from the SHOP with in-game currency while in BRUTAS we need to pay with cash.
Adding a Server Transfer service...
By bilidrg - 2017-01-06 18:07:08 in General Discussion
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Anyone have an exp table for livintems?

I'dl ike to know how much exp is needed to get it to lvl 20.

By bilidrg - 2016-12-28 12:36:18 in Suggestion Box
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Agroo in the PC game used to be a pain but it was manageble by the use of the mouse.

Touch screen however is diferent, we aren't able to click in the right square most of the times and this makes it almost impossible to bypass maps with agroo mobs.

I suggest to remove this feature from the touch version as it doens't really add anything to the game.

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