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By bigpimpin - 2012-04-28 16:58:15 in Solar
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I am looking to join any guild here are my conditions:
A medium level cap (Like only 20+ or 30+)
Here are my characters I wish to join a guild with:
47 Agi Iop: Master-War
36 Str/slightly agi Cra: Dirt-Arrow
I am currently F2P but plan on subscribing when I feel my Cra is ready (Level 40ish) or I find a really fun guild.
Send me an a message or add me as a friend or invite me to your guild if you are interested.
Thank you very much ahead of time!
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Wil pay 4kk each for small.
I can also trade some items here is my list of stuff if you want to trade of buy:
Gobtubby-(1 vit 7 hp)
Gob headgear- (12 str, 29 intel)
Gob cape- (207 init 9 vit)
Gob Amulet X2- (one is 9/9 the other is 10 str 5 intel)
Gob boots- (30 vit 7% power)
Prespic ring- (7 wis)
El scrador- (10 hp)
Spacevader set
IGN- Master-War or Absorer
Leave offer and IGN or message me.
By bigpimpin - 2012-04-22 00:45:08 in Spitting Bwork Tavern
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The long war between Bonta and Brakmar had taken many lives and waged for many generations. The Gods were angry at their disciplines and came up decided to end it all once and for all. They smashed the current world into rubble and separated it into 15 districts. The people were content with their new lives and lived each day as the last and next. This of course was until district 15 revolted. Once the 15th District attacked all districts followed. They attacked the Gods but were no match. In rage...