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I have no idea how I should fight this, i've died like 10+ times. How should I go about killing enu? He does 150+ dmg every turn and shields all of my dmg with his living bag... I can kill his bag, but by that time i'm at 100 hp.. (550 start). Please help :-(
By bhezy - 2013-12-10 19:48:22 in General Discussion
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I remember a while ago you could exchange nimble rings (100) to the cra temple NPC for scrolls... has this been taken out? because I went there and couldn't exchange any... Maybe it's been moved?
By bhezy - 2013-12-03 19:32:29 in Iop
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I'm a level 43 iop, I am a str iop with full gobball. I just became p2p and I started buying a earth kwak set. My question is, what should I look to build towards? Do I complete my earth kwak set or just piece together decent str gear. Also, where should I look to train? Thank you!!