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By bennyboy79 - 2015-06-20 10:26:01 in Zatoïshwan
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I've just started to play again after a two month break due to work commitments and the place seems to be deserted

Logged on the other day to find my Cra is now the leader of Centurions what happened there? Amy, Ivan, Craig, Molly, Mike, anybody?!!
By bennyboy79 - 2015-03-22 15:51:37 in Suggestion Box
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Isn't it about time Ankama got rid of this annoying thing?

For those that don't know Chafer Axit is a Sram like chafer that spawns in Eltneg woods, the entire time he's alive any mobs that spawn in the area will consist of chafers, ribs, etc... once you've killed him any mobs that spawn in the area consist of trools and boowolfs.

As far as I know he was introduced to try and combat bots in Eltneg woods that used to gather boowolf tails as at the time they were used in the trade of powerful chance...
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Got what I needed