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Hello All, After long playing on server Oto-mustam, i was dieing with my prof char, i thought about proffesion x6 after die, isn't it fair? it will be very helpfull, Let's see how it looks: For example, u died, and now u have all ur profs at lvl 1, only you need to start lvl it again. Anytime u can unlearn your profession by unlearning potion. So, please think about it Ankama, that add will be very helpful to the all Oto-mustam players.
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Hello all.. i post here becouse i bored of this way of fecas...
i'm an eni, trying to back my rank 6, but stuck in fight vs feca. His name is Magiaator, we are at 4 -18.
He doesn't playing,doesn't push at pass, just runing around and take my time.. he waits till i leave..
what should i do?
IGN Belear

ooh... after he read forum he stops it.. so sorry guys.. and i think a lot ppl got some problems with Bow-to-the-prince.. it's his style