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By beehiveone - 2020-04-05 14:06:08 in Temporis
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Just starting a thread for secret method spells on temporis. If you know any feel free to post their location.

Stabilisation: [-3,-3] Incarnam inside the temple. Click on the arrow pointing at the stairs.

Tide: [12,-24] Click on the boat

Perception: [38,-21] Click on the piece of paper

Increasing Drive: [-63,29] Click the coney

Torrent: [23,24] Inside the building, just before you go underwater, click on the bookshelf 

Machine Gun: [-7,-6] 20kk from the merchant
By beehiveone - 2020-03-29 05:07:27 in Bug Reporting
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if you have ebony at 5 stacks and use poison on something and play your turn fast, it takes forever for your turn to end.
also if enu uses pullout everyone game freezes
By beehiveone - 2020-03-07 07:59:50 in Bug Reporting
1 250
There was an Anomaly in the corruption area today. I was searching high and low for a zaap to check it out, but failed to find one.
So either the zaaps are super hidden, or Ankama forgot to put zaaps in these areas.