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By bedengo - 2019-10-29 06:48:46 in DOFUS Retro
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I am a mono osa on Nabur (Bedengo), right now 156 (water, solo up and never rat or prespic).
I do not have a 150 set because I am mono; it is impossible to find group for dungeons.

I am looking for people 130+ for dungeons (s.o, croca, tot, bworker, kimbo, tynril and ougah if possible); or drop fungus/ghost.
By bedengo - 2018-01-05 02:10:36 in DOFUS Retro
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After searching a lot for Brumem Tinctorias on Sidimote someone told me that it is bugged and there is no Brumem on Henual or Eratz.
I would like to finish getting all the bounties and eventually clear um quest book.
Will Ankama leave it bugged as it is?