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By ballom-master - 2014-01-18 01:21:13 in Rogue
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I currently have a level 50-sh Rogue that's full wis and I plan on leeching until around 120. and I have a lot of questions...(Keep in mind, all I usually ever do is kolo.)

1: I've scrolled wis to 100, and I was wondering if it would be ok if I didn't scroll vit? I know it would be great for a Rogue, but getting the scrolls was quite a pain...

2: I'm really torn on what build is the right build to go with. At first I was thinking Cha, since I love -ap classes in kolo, and I'd also be able to put...
By ballom-master - 2013-08-17 22:14:39 in Iop
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The other day I all of a sudden had a thought. The inner hipster in me thought it would be so epic and unique to have a cha iop. I'm thinking scroll everything, kinda be agi/cha but mainly cha, get some sort of epic cha weapon, and I dont know if intimidation could be used. I know str iops often hit like 1200 with 3 intimidation's, but does that only work for str iops? let me know.

Its just my new dream to have an iop with a epic mopy king set or something. Do you think it would be possible?
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I'm currently level 154 with an epic soft oak set, I have 750 int and 32 heals and 2624 HP. I'm starting to save up for my next set but I have no idea what it should be! The only option I can think of is tengu set, But compared to my current soft oak set it doesn't really seem worth the money. If you're an int eni what did you do for around that level? Like 170-190 ish?