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By baki-cenko - 2015-02-28 09:44:01 in Sacrier
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Well I am hitting 170 in a few levels, I have been an agi sac for some time now ( before that chance) so I got tired of it and tought of switching it up again. Since at this lvl there is Minotot set available I tought about going hybrid cha/int, but since my ice daggers and assult combo served really well for some time, not to mention the very useful lock/dodge I am just not sure if I'll actually get something of less combat capable character with this switch? If there are some other options here...
By baki-cenko - 2014-08-27 23:14:36 in Professions
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I haven't been subscribed for a year or so, now after I came back and started chopping some trees in Eltneg as I usually do.Now it seems I encountered bots which were cutting trees as well. So I was just wondering how this happened since a year ago I would never encounter a bot around there and can we do something about it ?

By baki-cenko - 2013-06-30 01:59:22 in Enutrof
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I have a cha/wis lvl 146 enu, and I am going to use it for fisherman profession, so what is the best choice of equipment at this level to get max pp?