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Ibabyxd Eniripsa Lvl 115 Remington
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The quest states the following:

Upon research, asking players and googling, many have said it requires 3x Star Eviroment in Calamar, as well as night time for this following unit to spawn: (few years old photo)

However, there's been like 6 of us who's been around Calamar for 1 week and this unit never ever spawned.

Today, we've made sure that the Enviroment is 3x Stars for hours ( which is hard to do because Exotics are mass spawning and usually are 400+.. you'd need a level 200 to 1 shot them...
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There are certain areas that get me automatically kicked if I don't move for about 20 seconds even if my mouse was moving.

1) Haven Bag, sometimes I'm checking my Chest items and profession recipes, and my mouse is constantly moving from one item to another. If i don't move I will be auto logged out and have to re-log in.
2) Dungeons, This is horrible because I had many situations where I made it to the End just before the boss fight, and I decide to "Sit" to heal so I can get the boss on...