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ChuckMyNorris|2019-07-26 22:28:04Quests need to be a certain level of difficult and annoying, otherwise the rewards (the dofuses, for example) retain little to no value. 

I don't disagree with you at all. Just to repeat myself a bit, quests in dofus aren't hard, they just require time and... running into every house looking for NPCs? As an example let's take "The Mean Ol' Witch of the East". The main challenge of this quest is to beat 7x of all the pirates found in the Alma's Cradle area. This...
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I see OP didn't get a lot of support here so I'll play the devil's advocate here.

I would bring poor quest design forward as by far the biggest issue. The quest design in the game is dated, not even a bit. Quests as they are currently worked great 8 years ago but now things are a little different. Now the game is much larger and quest lines have gotten long, taking you through many parts of the world. Many things you normally do actually have a quest associated with it. But the starting point of...
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Well, I've stated my arguments, if they didn't change your mind, i don't think i can find any more to do so. Just my take on this new idea in a nutshell.
1. Is it a cheaper method of paying? Yes, in the long run it most definitely is (+ the possibility of skipping areas makes it cheaper).
2. Does this cater to new players or veterans? Veterans, players who will skip low level areas all together, no doubt.
3. Does it fragment the game and hurt the play experience? Yes, it further barrens the already...