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Cra Lvl Omega 60 Echo
Concilium Germanicum
Ecaflip Lvl 100 Echo
Xelor Lvl 82 Echo
Pandawa Lvl 78 Echo
Cra Lvl 29 Ilyzaelle

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Let me add to that. Stop developing competition for yourself (why does Wakfu and in the future Waven exist? They are just competing against each other as it's the same core game with different esthetics and side mechanics made for the same players). Stop making new random servers for people who are already playeing you game anyway. Put this time, money and effort into advertising, developing the main game, getting new players in. Why does this company want to fail so badly?
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Just zaaping to a new world with new rules sounds like they could maybe do it, but also merging the players of different servers in said world doesn't sound possible in the case you are suggesting. And they really want to merge the player bases to make it SEEM that this game isn't dead. They already pulled it off by merging the international community with the french one on Ilyzaelle and have people saying in the comments how alive the game is.

As Gunner said, these new temporary servers and to...
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Well, what's going on with the main game is that it's not on Steam anymore for some reason.

I'd guess that the updates have been so few and far in between is that Ank has to support so many games and servers now, they recently took on supporting Dofus retro, the new single-account server as well as still having to support all of the other games and keep developing Waven. They must be spreading their team very thin to keep supporting so many projects at once with, what i would guess, is a very limited...