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Interesting take but i doubt many people will agree since it's wrong at it's very core in my opinion.
" Dofus is an unbalanced game ". Well yes and no. There are many aspects of the game that aren't in perfect balance but you haven't touched on any of those so neither will I.
" the reward of something should NOT be the journey itself ". Hmm...  Excuse me? I'm not trying to be rude with this question, but is this your first time experiencing an MMO? In single-player games, that's an argument of preference...
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I haven't done research on this so maybe I'm just wrong but isn't the XP of dimensional dungs just the sum of the XP of all monsters you fight in the 5 waves? Would be a very... I'd say dumb decision to cut the XP in dimensions since the difficulty wouldn't be touched but it is Ankama and dumb decisions are kind of linked to the company so you do have a point there.
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A fixed position would be a nice convenience, right now he treasure hunt for it is not an issue at all, just makes it tedious (a word that is synonymous with Dofus).
To the point of balancing, I'm not sure how it's balancing anything. The dimension content is some of the most difficult and the rewards for it are some of the strongest items in the game. Big rewards for beating a big challenge, that's the balancing aspect of it. Now whether the items are too strong or the content is too hard is a different...