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I have a Jewelmagus profession on one of my character, so can i forget and shift it to another character on the same account.
Like i forget that profession, get that jewelmagus profession rune and use it on another character which is on the same account.?
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Hello, I want to know, how can I obtain Alyverol Capenow a days. It used to be available with 6 months subscription. But I subscribemy character twice (6 months) with Linked Ogrines, but didn’t get any.
By asdfii - 2014-03-25 11:28:34 in Suggestion Box
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This AvA(KOtH) system is getting bit annoying.Every time my alliance win certain Territory
the other alliance get frustrated and attack all our Prisms in off-hours(around 3-4 AM Dofus time)
when not many peoples are online and every second day we have to spend hours again
to defend our territories.Its getting annoying than fun.

I have few suggestions to avoid this-

-Make Prism In-Vulnerable for at least 3 days when an alliance win certain territory.
(its useless if an alliance work for hours...