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Why there are so many bugs after the update. The game is really unplayable because of these bugs. Some of the bugs I am facing are:

- We can't change our position in the kolo fights.
- When i spectate the fight I can't see the timeline moving and can't see the actual ap/mp the players have.
- When I use the ensemble in kolo, my set doesn't change until the fight starts.

These are from my side, there might be many other bugs that I am not aware of.

Note: Please move if I have posted in the wrong...
By asdfii - 2020-08-30 17:13:53 in Ogrines
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Hi, I can't see my ogrine offers in the Ogrine Marketplace. It is happening when I am trying to sell the ogrines or kamas. I can set an offer but I can't see it in the list of offers.
I tried both game/browser versions of ogrine exchange. But I can't see my offers in the list.
Can anybody tell me how can I fix it please. Thank you.
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I have a Jewelmagus profession on one of my character, so can i forget and shift it to another character on the same account.
Like i forget that profession, get that jewelmagus profession rune and use it on another character which is on the same account.?