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Ben Dedor Enutrof Lvl 6 Elbor
Nananana Lider Sacrier Lvl 6 Elbor
Anatta Sadida Lvl 6 Elbor

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Hi guys!

After doing some fine tunning to my set, no I'm wondering how many % resist. is enough for considering yourself off-tank (or at least, out of the glass cannon zone)?
How much resist. would you say is "awesome" for PvE, and how much for PvP? Yes, I know having >90% must feel great, but let's keep it real.  
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I'm aware that the nations mimic appear only in stasis 21+ and in competitive mode (at least that's what I get from browsing the forums, correct me if I'm wrong). Now please help me with these:

1) Do the mimics appear only in the boss room, or can I just do the first 3 and skip the boss fight?
2) What would you say are the best dungeons to run in these cases? 
3) Is there anything else I need to know before spamming a dungeon and hope for the best?

Thank you in advance!
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Yesterday I bought the Wax-Ring blueprint, but apparently this is only for the "regular" one and not the souvenir... Do I really need another blueprint? Of course, I've been searching and turns out I do... but the encyclopedia has no info about where/how to get it. Could you guys help me with this?