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I am not sure why this is no addressed...
Give as a LOG to see exactly who stole, changed, added prism modules....
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I noticed that monsters that cast a spell which makes them reflect damage
have the spell description of "reflect 6-grade spells".
Ofc i myself know that 6-grade spells is refering to the old system of spells 
but new players wont be able to get the idea since 3 grade is basically a maxed spell..
And ofc does it mean that only maxed out spells are reflected? all my chars are 200 so i wouldn't know the difference....
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So basically if i wanna listen to the audio of the game (and i do) i'll have to enable it on ONE account only because if not the music goes out of sync for all tabs opened and well... it sounds like a sh!tshow
Wanted to suggest to have a default option of Only enabling the audio on one account without having to do it eadch time i login...