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Sram Lvl 200 Grandapan
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My proposal is a level 200 Strength set consisting of a cloak, amulet and staff.

-This set must give an AP bonus if worn completely (We want 12/6! It’s been 4 years)
-Should allow you to get 1/2 (please not more -crit malus!)
-Good % resistances (Why is Spectral set so OP and nothing OP for strength?)
-Should give some critical damage
-High wisdom or decent AP parry (Broucey already gives MP parry)

Strength end game sets are left behind, so I’d like to see one of those. There have been a...
By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - 2020-07-16 14:00:00 in News
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Dear Kanigrula,

as usually, I don’t have the most pleasant information.

Another employer (whose name I’m not allowed to reveal), has sent me on a quest to Bonta. As I walked across the north of the World of the Twelve killing everything that came in my way, I traveled around the now flooded Cania lands. I couldn’t help noticing that the Minerocks have became stronger since our last encounter when they were under your control.

You need to hear me out, this isn’t how it used to be anymore....