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Alpha Peacock Eniripsa Lvl 195 Nox
Run Away Cra Lvl 191 Nox
Peacock Iop Lvl 189 Nox
El Beasto Enutrof Lvl 150 Nox
Lindsay Lohan Osamodas Lvl 148 Nox

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By androgyous - 2016-10-02 02:40:42 in Trade
2 756
Items I am looking to BUY currently, list will be updated frequently.

kwistmas logs (500 kamas per)
(2x) black crow emblems
(1x) kanniveyor belt
(11x) eternal ices (200,000 kamas per)
smithmagic hammers
class 19 runes

Lots of the following resources
punge (200 kamas per)
api (200 kamas per)
crobak beaks (200 kamas per)
crobak bloods (200 kamas per)
ice zings (200 kamas per)
chestnut wood (200 kamas per)
tin ore (100 kamas per)
ash wood (100 kamas per)
dendron ointment (400 kamas per)
essence of...
15 1840
Servers are back online! However, all my accounts are now unsubbed when they should have weeks left.  
By androgyous - 2015-08-10 12:09:34 in Trade
3 783
Looking for item trades for Dora Borette, this is the first upgrade for the Dora Marron. I am not really interested in kamas.

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