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Member since 2017-07-16


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-08-18


Poke-Luv Osamodas Lvl 27 Remington
Lulive Masqueraider Lvl 26 Remington
Tremura Xelor Lvl 15 Remington
Kimochi Baka Feca Lvl 8 Remington
Testing-Mah-Gurl Ecaflip Lvl 6 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By amalialuvluv - 2019-04-01 01:16:11 in General Discussions
4 598
It's already April 1 and I have not received my rewards from modulated dungeons, I've made some dungeons and I was in the top 100, I want my rewards!
7 1047
eliotrope for pvp and pvm.
st mastery and berserk.
I used gold croc instead of tramontanring since I want to try not to spend so many kamas... what do you think? Any suggestions?