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I'll start this by listing key points of the discussion. I will go over each one in detail. 

1. Runes drive the market
2. Value of low level gear depends on value of runes, value of high level gear depends on viability of said gear
3. Problem with the concept of pebbles
4. A solution that is both easy to implement and effective at making the game a more balanced experience

Those are the 4 points. I will now go over each one in depth:

1. You look at all the materials for things under L100. What...
By allenwu123 - 2019-07-09 04:15:07 in Suggestion Box
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OK hear me out on this one. This is something that would be incredibly simple to implement, would require very little additional code, and would open the doors for so much fun and variety. 

Allow class sets to be broken down for spell bonus runes. These runes can then be used to exo-mage onto equipment (the same rules and success rate as AP/MP runes). You can rework their recipes so that they incorporate currently useless materials for extra design points (they WILL be farmed in large quantities).