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Yoruiti Ecaflip Lvl 178 Rubilax
Itrarka Ouginak Lvl 164 Rubilax
Airisia Eliotrope Lvl 140 Rubilax
Luxrain Huppermage Lvl 103 Rubilax

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Today i was trying to access this forum and get the message:The owner of this website ( has banned the country or region your IP address is in (RU) from accessing this website.

Was this done intentionally? Or it was done by a mistake? 

Because this looks "not very nice". Thank you.
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I try to start Mount Zinit Questline in Astrub. 
I know the place where it usually starts (ship in Astrub).
But that NPC don`t have option to start the quest, just bye.

I have god booster and i have 155 lvl.
I have nation of Bonta, and Jonk in Bonta don`t ask me anything to do anymore.
I`ve finished Astrub, Wild Estate, Owhymi, Kelba, Chillberg questlines.
There is no "Zinit" in questbook at all. 

Maybe i`ve missed something? Any suggestions?
Thank you!